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You are the Pillar between Heaven and Earth! Open up and let the Magic pour through!

It's time to come out of hiding and into the life of your DREAMS. Step into the INNER PILLAR MYSTERIES and step into your confidence,  power, intuition, and MAGIC. 

Stop playing small and ignoring that voice inside you that knows how magical you are!

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You have always been fascinated with the Mystical and Magical. Every action and thought was connected to some larger plan and purpose but there was no way to control what, or when, the information came through.


Or worse, when it did come through, you couldn't trust the information, or it was incomplete. 

What if all this information was being given to you for a very specific purpose? 

What if the emptiness and isolation you felt was there to help you, like a guide? 

Would you open to your hearts greatest desire, in order to become an essential component to the Healing of the World and the Ascension of humanity?

What is the Inner Pillar Mystery School?

The Inner Pillar Mystery School is a power packed training to connect you with the Celestial realm, the Earth realm, and to clear and connect you to your body. 

When we have a firm connection to both realms, and all the old energies are cleared from our bodies, we become the Hollow Bone of Divine Wisdom and can receive all the information we need to live the life we were meant to.  

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Have you....

known that you were put here on this Earth, in this lifetime, to help HEAL the World and the people in it

always felt like you had to HIDE who you truly were from people because they would think you are too weird or too "out there"

had INTUITION guide you and received information that felt POWERFUL but someone in your life convinced you it was weird, or wrong, or bad, or evil

felt a gaping EMPTINESS inside you because you yearn to CONNECT more deeply with the Divine but traditional Religions or spiritual practices do not feel "right"

felt DISCONNECTED from your body and yearned to feel PROFOUND connection with the people in your life

spent tons of money on therapy or coaching to try and help you figure out what your PURPOSE is and haven't been able to put your finger on it

You can become who you were meant to be......

I will show you simple, daily, tools and practices to learn to control the gifts that you were given so that you can share them with the world, with confidence. We will rewrite your story of loneliness, gaslighting, and self shame so that your messages will clearly come through- when you choose for them to!



How to begin healing yourself intentionally and energetically

Simple Divination techniques to begin using your intuition right away 

Daily practices to. connect you to the natural cycles of the sun and moon and the seasons

How to deeply and honestly learn to love yourself so much that you will never question yourself again 

Ritual techniques that can be adjusted for you so that you will have magic at your fingertips at all times

Meditations to connect to your Celestial and Shamanic spiritual Team of support and to help you shed those old, heavy, yucky energies of self shame and hiding

Build healthy boundaries and self confidence 

Intentionally create the life of your dreams calling in all the abundance and joy for you!

How to confidently put it all together in to a Daily Practice that will catapult you in to new dimensions and paradigms and build your personal and magical power so that you can accurately and clearly share your amazing Magic and help us on our Mission to Heal the World

Are you feeling the call? Are you ready to step in today?

Join us on the Path of learning and healing and self cultivation.

Or, if you have questions, schedule a call with Christina today!

Pillar of Healing

As Healers, we must always begin by healing ourselves. Begin to learn to call down energetic Healing for yourself. Develop a daily ritual practice to clear away heavy, dense, energies that are holding back your Higher Vibrational shine. Connect you with an Ancient lineage of Healers who have come before so you will always know that you are not alone in your work


Pillar of Magic

It is time to step in to the Magic you have been developing and learn how to set sacred space and connect more deeply with the elements and natural cycles. Connect you with powerful Elemental allies in the energetic realm. Deepen your daily practice in a way that will transform all your daily and "mundane" activities. Feel your purpose and Path within your body.


Pillar of Grounding

Bring more accuracy and grounded information to your your intuitive work.  Learn to open your creativity and let it flow! Connect to our mother Earth and let Her healing guide and fill you.


Pillar of Strength

Empower yourself to become the channel you were born to be. Release your fears and loneliness. 


Pillar of Light

Tie all of these amazing practices and tools and step in to your Ascension. The Pillar of Light will help you to shine more brightly and open you to receiving greater transmissions of Divine Wisdom. 


Pillar of Wisdom

Once we have begun to tap in to our natural ability to Heal ourselves and other people, we must have a way to discover answers from the Universe. Learn simple and precise Divination techniques and start to uncover what brings you joy. 


Pillar of Love

Begin to truly and deeply feel love for yourself. Deepen your connection to yourself and your body. Clear away old, heavy energies within your body so you can hear your intuition. Feel more passion and joy in your life. 


Pillar of Transformation

Tap in to the Celestial realms and meet your Spirit guides to build your sacred Team. Intentionally transform yourself and allow your old, painful trauma to be released (I will show you how)


Pillar of Abundance

Learn how to call in your birthright of Abundance in this lifetime. 


Are you feeling the call? Are you ready to step in today?

Join us on the Path of learning and healing and self cultivation.

Or, if you have questions, schedule a call with Christina today!

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