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"If you're looking for a guide who embodies professionalism, warmth, and attention to detail, look no further than Christina. Her exceptional communication skills and supportive nature made my journey a truly transformative experience. Christina sets the bar for creating the perfect 'set and setting' for this type of treatment, providing a safe and welcoming environment for even the most inexperienced clients. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the highest quality guidance and care."
I feel fortunate in connecting with Christina to assist me on my journey through this incredibly profound life experience. Making the decision to embark on such a venture was not without some doubt and trepidation on my part. Christina helped to ease my anxieties with thoughtful insights based on her experiences guiding countless others who have traveled the same road before me. Her Ceremony framework provides an excellent framework for preparation and integration of the journey, however, the “human touch”, as Springsteen would say, is necessary to find answers to questions that may not have easy, or any, answers at all. Caring, kind, compassionate and deeply committed are the words that best describe her.

Christina is an amazing healer! Working with her was life-changing in the best way possible! 

I am a novelist and was experiencing writer's block along with a lot of anxiety when I tried to write. 

I was hopeful that a Psychedelic ceremony would help with this issue, which was causing me a lot of anguish.

Christina provided kind and thorough support in helping me to prepare for my mushroom ceremony. We met several times

via zoom and she offered incredible resources and encouraged me to take a holistic approach that included: starting therapy,

reducing caffeine, decluttering my house, meditating, etc.

The ceremony itself was an incredible experience--I traveled to her temple which was peaceful, beautiful and nurturing.

She was a true professional and was knowledgeable, warm, and so helpful! We met two times after the ceremony via zoom to help me integrate the things I learned/experienced.

Five months later, I've joyfully written half of a new novel and have the synopsis of the second half! Working with Christina was even more helpful than I dared to hope!

"Christina is a power pack in a petite package.  She creates a safe, comfortable, magical sacred space for each of us.  She has a gift of honoring each of our gifts at the events she leads and in her meditations.  Christina uses her skills, enthusiasm and focus to bring out the purpose, authenticity and passion of each of us at her circles.  Christina's talents include encouraging me and each of us to honor ourselves and our unique, intuitive abilities and strengths.  She has a gift for drawing out happiness and truths that enrich each of us, above all she is accepting and open so each of us can blossom into accepting ourselves and our unique journeys.  The spirits and guides are palpably present when she calls sacred space and meditations for her gatherings.  Don't miss a chance to come to an evening of Munay-Ki, Energy Healing, Starseed Collective, Full Moon Ritual or any of her classes!!!!!  I always am nourished, uplifted and happy there!!!!!  You'll be so glad you came, too.  Blessed Be!!!!!! 


~ Ann Whitedove, Wise Woman"


"I have known Christina for the last couple of years and have partaken in her classes, rituals, and ceremonies. Her genuine and charismatic nature has cultivated a community of people who feel accepted and acknowledged, regardless of their background or amount of experience in their modalities. Her innate capacity to hold space and the keen ability to see the covert power in others is the key behind their success. With over 20 years of studying and authentically living her craft, she is respected for her knowledge and experience. I have felt and seen the energetic high that people feel once they have experienced her magic and they continue to come back for more. She has made a true impact on my life and I will be the first one to refer her to anyone who is seeking to make a profound change in their life." 



I've been working with Christina for twelve months. During this time I've had more progress with my deep depression, anxiety and chronic illness & pain than I've had in numerous years of western medicine and countless therapists. I see her bi-monthly for acupuncture and Reiki. Her use of intuitive abilities during our sessions continually amaze me, the knowledge base she has concerning healing modalities and her use of progressive techniques. She has also encouraged me to expand my support circle by attending community spiritual gatherings. I've attended a very fun & successful evening of divination, a few Full Moon ceremonies, intuitive trainings and monthly Munay-Ki sharing. When she calls the quarters, leads us in meditation & through or ceremony you'll understand this woman is a very powerful Priestess. I'm honored to be her student. I'm developing relationships and learning new skills which enable me expand my own gifts which allow me to interact within my community.


~ T. C.

I have been blessed to spend time with some very amazing women, a couple of them have been like mentors to me! Christina, you have no idea how long it has taken me to say 'I AM' - maybe you do -- LOL! You and your teachings have been instrumental to me during this process. Now when I'm asked who I am, I'm searching for a list, I am no longer hiding! Thank you for teaching, sharing, caring and holding space for us as we transform into the beauties we are  Feeling grateful! 


~ M.O. 

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