Clarity Session 

Are you feeling the call to do this deep work? Are you ready to jump in to the next step of your soul's evolution and healing but you are uncertain what the next step is? Do you feel that there is work to do and ways that you can begin to transform yourself but you are not sure the best way to move forward? Has a yearning to connect with and honor the DIvine Feminine been building within you but you are still unclear how to honor that call?

Sign up for a Clarity Session (20-30 minutes) so that we can drop in, connect with your Soul's resonance, and figure out the next best steps for you to take as you attempt to navigate this tremendously intense and bizarre world that we are now in. 


No Cost


Transformational Coaching and Integration

Transformational Recovery and Integration coaching is a multifacted coaching that can help you to realign with your True self. We will develop a plan and support to help you truly step through the healing that you are seeking.


You will become empowered through this process to learn the unique tools that will help you when you are facing your trauma or processing a new way of being. 

This coaching if for those who have experienced big life shifts, those who are working through their trauma and seeking a new way of being in the world, and those who have had Psychedelic experiences and need support Integrating those experiences so they can use the teachings gleaned in a beautiful and powerful way. 

*Note we do not recommend that people obtain or participate in illegal substances we are here for support and integration after the fact. 




Private Reiki or Munay Ki Rites Instruction 

Want to learn Reiki? Or already have basic Reiki 1 and 2 training and want to go deeper and learn some advanced techniques? These classes are intuitive, creative, and power packed! Any necessary extras from other modalities are always included.

I offer private training for: Usui Reiki 1, Usui Reiki 2, Usui Reiki 3/4 (Mater Level training), Isis Seichim Reiki (Reiki Master Training prerequisite), Violet Flame Reiki (Reiki level 2 prerequisite), and Kundalini Reiki (Reiki Master level prerequisite). As well as complete certification as a Munay Ki Rites Facilitator.

Private classes are offered in 2-4 hour time slots and group classes are also available if preferred.



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