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Phoenix Priestess Mystery School

I know that you have traveled far and been through a lot to be here. You have completely been reborn over and over again as life has put you through the fires of change. 


Are you ready to walk through your Phoenix transformation and step into the highest place of the grounded Phoenix? 

Do you know that the trauma and pain you have walked through is meant to serve for a higher purpose? 


This sacred journey has brought you here to step into the divine energy of the eternally resilient  Phoenix.  You get to use your transformation as a divine springboard into your heart centered service, and a new life, as a leader of the Divine Feminine energies.   


Welcome Phoenix!

Have you been studying many tools and modalities in sacred work, and you already feel the Divine Priestess nature within you?


But, despite all your dedication everything seems to fall flat in some way? 


I know what it's like to feel like you are not truly living the Priestess life as you  tend to float in a sea of opinions, ideas, and modalities without a smooth path to step forward upon. 


Out of my own desire to integrate all the modalities I had been learning & all my years of training as a priestess working with hundreds of people, I have birthed something so revolutionary & necessary for the modern day priestess to successfully live her divine mission. 

Phoenix Priestess Mystery School

A 9 month Priestess Initiation to catapult you onto your path of Sacred transformational leadership so that you can embody your Divine calling immediately.

If you’re ready to step forward upon this great adventure of Sacred leadership as a healer, and are ready to use all that you have overcome as a sacred offering to those still struggling, then you are ready for your place as a Phoenix Priestess. 

Online Workshops

9 Training modules, with a mixture of recorded and live classes, will support you from start to finish through this amazing Sacred journey. 

Live Q&A Sessions

We will gather on Zoom monthly for a Live Q&A session where you can process, ask questions, meet the other Priestesses in training and much more!

3 Private Transformational Healing Sessions

These sessions will allow you to dissolve your blocks, heal, and grow into the amazing leader you wish to be

Munay Ki Rites Facilitator Certification

This is an amazing tool to add to your tool belt! Completion of the Munay Ki Rites through the program and a Munay Ki Teaching manual to support you as you become a facilitator


Many made for you workbooks are included to support you to the highest level as you learn. These will support you in beginning your Priestessing immediately after initiation 

Attunments and Activations 

The Phoenix Activation will be included as part of this Divine journey to help you activate the healing powers of the phoenix so you can step into the place of the grounded Phoenix 

Sisterhood, Community, and Connection

There are many opportunities to deepen in sacred sisterhood and community throughout this program, including both online and in person events, ceremonies and connection time

In person Initiation Ceremony 

A sacred, day long, Initiation Immersion at the Phoenix Temple will be included as you step through the portal to begin your new life as a Priestess 


This beautiful, empowering, program will have you....

STAND confidently in your abilities to ethically serve, hold center, and create real magic when facilitating sacred groups

ACTIVATE the next level of  your sacred priestess arts and intuitive abilities so that you have unshakable confidence in how you are serving people

EMBODY your unique Priestess archetype by connecting with the many faces of the Goddess throughout the program as you....

BECOME an Initiated Phoenix Priestess and begin your new vocation of Divine service to the world with certainty & a clear plan of action!

LEARN ancient & modern techniques, rituals, and practices to assist you in your divine service to others while being in total integrity

DISSOLVE the blocks that are keeping you small, and in competition with other women so you can confidently step into your power as the amazing priestess you are

BECOME a certified Munay ki rites circle facilitator so you can begin to priestess groups immediately upon completion of the program. One Munay Ki Rite will be included within each Module. This is an amazing opportunity to add this sacred practice to your tool box!

ENHANCE your connection to nature, the seasons, and the moon through ceremony and ritual development

EMBODY a practice of self love and devotion as you Priestess yourself first. Radical self responsibility, embodied integrity & humility are practices we work on every day so you are truly walking your talk.

and MORE!

Beloved phoenix,

In this time of great change many have heard the song in their heart, calling them to step into service for humanity, the Divine and their own hearts. The time is now for us to step forward and embody the shifts we desire to see in the world. This is why we have come, some of us through many lifetimes, to this time and this place. 

Our sensitivities, our intuitive abilities, and our tenacity are what have got us this far. However, we can not keep going alone. We must come together, rise from the ashes of our old lives and create the world we know is waiting- just on the other side of the portal. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for. You are enough, sister. You are the one. You are ready to step into the amazing gifts that you have always carried. 

The Goddess has called you to Her sacred altar, will you heed Her call?



Your Sacred Leadership as a Priestess of the Divine Feminine standing in the strength of your Divine calling


Your unique Priestess Archetype so you can know yourself deeply and create the community you have always dreamed of


Your Sacred Healer gifts & community so you will never walk alone again through this tumultuous world 


Priestess Christina Sabella

I am Christina Sabella, Ordained Priestess of the Goddess, Transformational Coach and Healer. I have a Doctorate in Acupuncture and have been holding Sacred circles for over 8 years. I am a practiced Intuitive and Light Language channel. 

As a teacher, I have taught hundreds of people reiki and other healing arts and it has always been my mission to support other Sacred Leaders as they step into their amazing power and share their healing and intuitive gifts with the world. 

It is time for us to stop hiding, learn how to embrace and be in true, transformational community, and to step forward. I have created this 9 month Mystery School and training program to support you in all the best ways possible as you discover more layers of who you are, what you can do and how to do it out in the world. 


Trish C

"Christina Sabella has assisted my physical, mental, emotional healing and spiritual growth tremendously. Her healing abilities and coaching skills have guided me along a path from low self esteem and major depressive disorder to a place of empowerment openness, stability and self-love. I appreciate her ability to create a safe container for me, clear communication, I find her compassionate, empathetic, kind and loving. Stepping forward I'm now enrolled with her Phoenix Priestess Training program, I look forward to walking further on this path with Christina. 

I can't recommend her enough!"

Senior Woman

Ann W

"Christina is a power pack in a petite package.  She creates a safe, comfortable, magical sacred space for each of us.  She has a gift of honoring each of our gifts at the events she leads and in her meditations.  Christina uses her skills, enthusiasm and focus to bring out the purpose, authenticity and passion of each of us at her circles.  Christina's talents include encouraging me and each of us to honor ourselves and our unique, intuitive abilities and strengths.  She has a gift for drawing out happiness and truths that enrich each of us, above all she is accepting and open so each of us can blossom into accepting ourselves and our unique journeys.  The spirits and guides are palpably present when she calls sacred space and meditations for her gatherings.  Don't miss a chance to come to an evening of Munay-Ki, Energy Healing, Starseed Collective, Full Moon Ritual or any of her classes!!!!!  I always am nourished, uplifted and happy there!"

Confident Woman

Alexis J

“Her innate capacity to hold space and the keen ability to see the covert power in others is the key behind their success. With over 20 years of studying and authentically living her craft, she is respected for her knowledge and experience.”

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