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Lammastide Celebration 2024!

Lion's Gate New Moon Portal Ceremony

August 3rd, 2024 12:00-3:00PM

Facilitators: Christina Sabella and Katelyn Colia

location: Green Magic Yoga, Santa cruz

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Join us for an afternoon of connecting with the vibrant, potent creative energies of the Lion's Gate New Moon Portal. We will open the portal of the Lion's Gate in community together and connect with the sacred embodiment of somatic dance to channel and create ALL that we are calling in for this portal! 


This is for you if: 

  • You are ready to practice dropping needing to feel performative or sexy in front of others and instead to move freely as you. 

  • You want to practice embodying the fierce and wild energy of the maenad to nourish your life and creative endeavors.

  • You want to celebrate the Lion's Gate Portal by diving into the manifestation energies of the first harvest in community. 

  • You are ready to kick those creative blocks to the curb!

  • You want to commune with sacred plant medicine in an intentionally held container.


For the flow of the afternoon, we will be building a foundation of trust, connection and permission within our group by first tuning into our own center to then move into connection with others. We’ll begin with an opening ceremony and either imbibe or energetically connect with a microdose of mushrooms. From there, through guided meditation and movement, we will open to the energy of the Lion's Gate New Moon and gradually build into the wild range of expression and somatic dance. We will close with a circle for integration of the experience. 


  • Come dressed to channel and dance through your most powerful self!

  • Bring a water bottle.

  • Bring items that you’d like to place on the altar. 

  • BYOM. This event is 21+ and BYO Microdose (Bring your Own). Microdosing is optional and less than 0.3gr. No other substances, no buying/selling, thank you.

  • To create a safe container, please arrive with plenty of time as the doors will be closed and locked at 12:00 PM when we begin the opening ceremony. No exceptions. 

  • Being in an encouraging group can support and inspire you to play at your edge of what you think you know about yourself ;) 


Pricing: $66 

We have a few volunteer sliding scale tickets available with priority to those of diverse backgrounds, disability, and financial needs. Please contact us directly

About your facilitators: 

Christina Sabella Christina Sabella is an Ordained Priestess, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, an Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach, certified by Being True to You. She is also a Reiki Master spiritual guide with the lineage of Her Holy Temple. Christina offers private psychedelic facilitation, integration coaching,  Priestess training, and Reiki classes regularly. She facilitates sacred circles, and Psychedelic journeys, to help people transform themselves, heal, and dive deeply within to foster a greater understanding of themselves, and the world. 

Katelyn Colia is a Psycho-Spiritual & Somatic Guide whose life’s work is to guide others to become more intimate with all of life, both the shadow and the light. She works with her clients to create an inner environment that supports their unfettered outer expression, rediscover and release life force energy that feeds the spirit, and to embody their unique spirituality. She is certified in Leadership & Transformational Life Coaching through Sofia University, Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies by Collectively Rooted, The Quimera Method & ritual dance through the Iseum of Quimera, and ordained as a Reverend Priestess and Spiritual Counselor through the Temple of Isis. Her work is built upon a range of philosophies, systems and modalities that support the belief that we each have the power within us to heal ourselves, including, depth psychology, somatics, the healing power of dance, energy healing, neo-tantra & sacred sexuality, and engaging in nourishing non-ordinary states of consciousness through ceremony and ritual that support a return to wholeness. 

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