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Phoenix Priestess Training

Begin your journey of Transformation today!

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Do you hear the Sacred Calling? 

Do you hear the calling within your bones? Have you always yearned to step in to the magical path in a deep, meaningful, and unique way? You know you are here to Transform yourself and the world in a sacred way but are unsure how. 


Join us on this adventure of a life time. We all know that so much intensity has occurred over the last couple years. There is no time to wait! You have always known that your sensitivity, your intuitive gifts, your Empathy were there to show you the way. Over time, you stuffed it down and tried not to use it so you wouldn't seem "weird" or "too much" or be shunned. These gifts have to be discovered, and used- or your pain, sorrow, and anxiety will not get better. 

Well, the time of the Priestess is rising! We are needed now, more than ever, to shift this world in to the New Earth paradigm. You have been called to a Path of Sacred Service and are here for a reason. Your mission is Divine and you have to learn to harness your magic and step in to it so that you can become who you were always meant to be! Transform yourself and become the Phoenix you always knew you were! 

We are the ones we have been waiting for! Our mission as Sacred keepers of the portals and the magic has come and together we can walk this journey of transformation, service, love, and Divine magic. Rise Phoenix! Rise! Together we will make waves in the fabric of reality and shift the old paradigms that are harming so many of us. 

We must step in to our magic, healing, and shadow in order to be able to transform in to the beautiful, magical Phoenix's that we are! 

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In this 9 month training we will cover

Your unique Priestess and Healer Archetype:


learn to uncover what it means to you to be a Priestess and Healer, to you, and how you can bring it in to the world. 

Connection with Nature:


Connecting with the Moon, Solar, Earth and Celestial cycles as well as Plant and crystal allies

Priestess arts:


Space holding, Container holding, balanced caretaking, balancing the Divine masculine and Feminine, Ethics and Consent



the Witch wound, the Sisterhood wound, and the Mother wound

Ritual and Ceremony:


How to create, enact, download, and develop rituals and ceremonies for your family, community and self

Intuitive development:


Including energy healing, channeling, your unique Intuitive gift, and Divination

Divine Love:


Sacred sexuality, self love, honoring self, pleasure, and living in Shakti energy

You will Receive:


An Energetic Transformational Attunement with each monthly cycle, private coaching and energy healing to help you as you step past your fears, blocks, and trauma to become who you were meant to be. As well as Light Language transmissions to assist in your vibrational ascension, healing, and alignment. 

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This is a unique opportunity to receive 1-2-1 Priestess training, or a group container, that is uniquely tailored to where you are on the Path. We will have monthly group meetings, community ceremonies (virtually), and individual healing sessions for you while you are training.  There are multiple options for getting started as you step through this Priestess Gateway in to your Sacred life! The time has come! Do not wait any longer! 

You will also have free access to all masterclasses and events that Christina is hosting. This is an amazing opportunity to experience different ways of Priestesing and all the various types of Priestessing you can do. Each woman will experience Priestessing in her own magical, unique way! Blessed be! 

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